November 2017

Upcoming Events (Within next 31 days)

BHC AGM (at Pub Night) ( Tue 7th Nov ) -- BHC Pub Night ( Tue 7th Nov ) -- 4x4 Response - BLEVEC Training ( Tue 14th Nov )

Upcoming Birthdays (Within next 31 days)

Congratulations to: Andrew M (? on Sun 19th Nov), Merlin (105 on Wed 25th Oct), dianeT_813 (49 on Wed 8th Nov), Jimbo (51 on Wed 1st Nov), Elmeye (33 on Sun 29th Oct)

Additional notes about the calendar

Week numbers relate to the week from monday onwards. Because you have your calendar set to display week days starting from Sunday, The Sunday of each week will be from the previous week number