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Race For Life - Milton Keynes Pretty Muddy SETUP

08 Sep 2017 13:00
08 Sep 2017 19:00
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Cancer Research Race For Life - Milton Keynes Pretty Muddy SETUP (Willen Lake MK15 0DS)

The RFL events raise a massive amount for charity - and helping out at these days is somewhere you can make a massive difference with your Land Rover. Be it setting up the course, marshalling a post during the races, ferrying injured ladies around, moving water and supplies - it's good fun and you get to drive round parkland and other public spaces where normally vehicles are simply not allowed.

I'm not guaranteeing it will happen - but in previous years members have even towed out stuck artic lorries...

You do not need the most offroad prepared Land Rover - in fact a standard one on road tyres with plenty of passenger seats is ideal (stand up 110 SW, D2 D3 and D4 owners)!

There are no downsides to this particular RFL event - because setup starts the day before the event - so there's no stupidly early start!
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